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sarah coleman article - darfurWitness to Darfur
Planet, Spring 2008
Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin focuses on the human tragedy in Darfur.
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sarah coleman article - Farrow and ReevesVoices: Mia Farrow & Eric Reeves
Planet, Spring 2008
She’s a world-famous actress; he’s a bookish academic. Together, they’re raising hell about the crisis in Darfur, Sudan.
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sarah coleman article - congoCongo’s Conflict: Heart of Darkness
Beliefnet, June 2005
With 30,000 deaths a month from violence and disease, Congo is the world’s deadliest place. Does anyone care?
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sarah coleman article - journalist hazardsOccupational Hazard
Photo District News, December 2006
Five photojournalists who were kidnapped or detained overseas speak out about their experiences.
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sarah coleman article - jews on the netJews for Java
Salon, April 2000
In Israel, ultra-Orthodox rabbies have banned their followers from surfing the Web – but that’s not stopping the observant from hacking code.
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sarah coleman article - south africa's truth commissionTruth and Consequences
Planet, Fall 2003
After seven years of hearings, South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission closed its doors. What did it achieve?
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sarah coleman article - suicide and jewsSuicide: Local Jews Take Steps to Raise Awareness of Fatal Depression
Jewish Bulletin, June 2000 (cover story)
Activists in northern California's Jewish community go on the record about suicide.
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