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sarah coleman: book reviewMom Takes Art Shots of Naked Child. Ring a Bell?
San Francisco Chronicle, April 2007
Dani Shapiro’s novel Black and White takes its inspiration from controversial contemporary photographer Sally Mann.
(2.1 MB)
sarah coleman: book reviewBoyz to Men
East Bay Express, June 2001 (cover story)
New novels by Brit-lit sensations Nick Hornby and Tony Parsons take different approaches to male immaturity.
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sarah coleman: book reviewWhen Life Veers Into Oddity
San Francisco Chronicle, February 2005 (cover story)
Judy Budnitz’s short stories combine political satire with emotional resonance.
(1.9 MB)
sarah coleman: book reviewHistory in Focus
San Francisco Chronicle, June 1998 (cover story)
How Magnum, the world’s most famous photographers’ cooperative, captured world events and transformed photojournalism.
(512 MB)
sarah coleman: book reviewHungry for Attention
San Francisco Chronicle, February 2001 (cover story)
Celebrities aid famine victims in a shrewd satire by the author of Bridget Jones’s Diary.
(2.5 MB)
sarah coleman: book reviewLife on the West Bank
New York Newsday, January 2003
Risa Miller’s Welcome to Heavenly Heights delves into the complicated lives of West Bank settlers.
(1.9 MB)
sarah coleman: book reviewTradition and Tsuris
San Francisco Bay Guardian, October 1998 (cover story)
A trio of new books look at the lives of Jews who settled in unusual places.
(604 kb)
sarah coleman: book reviewA Bureaucrat at the Ministry of Fear
San Francisco Chronicle, March 2004
A tale of ambition and greed set in the boiling pot of Idi Amin’s Uganda.
(380 kb)
sarah coleman: book reviewCompletion Bond
San Francisco Bay Guardian, April 2000
Another author takes a crack at Jane Austen’s final novel fragment.
(40 kb)
sarah coleman: book reviewSink or Swim
San Francisco Chronicle, July 1998 (cover story)
A motley cast of characters flirts with death in Alison Lurie’s Key West comedy.
(3.8 MB)

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