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sarah coleman article - documentary photogs Documentary Photographers: Emotional Complications
Photo District News, May 2007
Examining the emotional complications in the relationship between documentary photographers and their subjects.
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sarah coleman article - 9/11 movieThe 9/11 Movie Hollywood Won’t Let You See
Salon, April 2004
The “stridently anti-American” anthology film 11’09’01 is sometimes arty, sometimes preachy and sometimes brilliant. In Bush’s America, it’s also commercially untouchable.
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sarah coleman article - sex please!Sex Please, We’re Brits!
Salon, January 1998
Book covers and titles often get changed when they cross the Atlantic – and the Brits prove raunchier than their U.S. counterparts.
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sarah coleman article - cable for film geeksCable for Film Geeks
Independent Film & Video Monthly, May 2005
The Independent Film Channel resurrects the spirit of the long-defunct, way cool Z Channel.
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sarah coleman article - vagina monologues The Vagina Monologues Goes Global
World Press Review, June 2002
Eve Ensler’s pioneering play about a certain female part is performed across the globe, with interesting results.
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sarah coleman article - woodstock film festival blog Blogging the Woodstock Film Festival
Independent Film & Video Monthly, October 2007
A 4-day survey of documentaries, narrative features and panels at the "fiercely independent" 2007 Woodstock Film Festival.
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art commerce - pdn coverArt for Commerce’s Sake
Photo District News, September 2007
What happens when fine artists go commercial? Three advertising campaigns harness the power of well-known art photographers.
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sarah coleman article - kahn and selesnickFlights of Fancy
Photo District News, January 2007
The whimsical world of photo-fantasists Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick.
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