Clive Coleman
My brother Clive is a radio host, comedy writer and after-dinner speaker in London.
Amy Benson
Amy teaches writing at Columbia University and is the author of the lyrical, prize-winning memoir The Sparkling-Eyed Boy.
Rachel Pastan
Rachel’s beautiful second novel, an academic mystery story called Lady of the Snakes, comes out in early 2008.
Lisa Selin Davis
Lisa’s first novel, Belly, was published in 2005. She also writes very entertaining journalism.
Chris Belden
Fiction writing is only the tip of the iceberg for Chris; he’s also a wonderful songwriter, playwright and sometime actor.


Julie Brown
Julie is a wonderful photojournalist and wedding photographer.
Hillary Harvey
Hillary is also a wonderful photojournalist and wedding photographer!
Maki Kawakita
Maki specializes in cutting edge fashion photography and portraiture.
Tom Ashe
Tom is a great photographer and educator who specializes in color management.
Cheryl Himmelstein
Beautiful editorial photography by Cheryl, who’s based in L.A.
John Isaac
Former head of photography at the U.N., John Isaac is a humanitarian photographer par excellence.
Anne Day
Anne does editorial photography and also captures wonderful images of her children and neighbors in Connecticut.
Paolo Pellegrin
Paolo’s photojournalism has extraordinary depth and power, and highlights the human condition around the globe.
Scully & Osterman
Mark Osterman and France Scully Osterman know everything you could possibly want to know about photographic processes, from glass plate to digital.
Judy Herrmann and Mike Starke
As well as doing great advertising and conceptual photography, Judy and Mike are digital pioneers and experts in all areas of the photo industry.


Nick Hornby
High Fidelity remains one of my favorite contemporary novels. I also loved How to be Good – but I don’t recommend A Long Way Down.
Lorrie Moore
No-one does the combination of humor and pathos as well as Ms. Moore.
Lionel Shriver
We Need to Talk About Kevin is one of the most terrifying novels you’ll ever read. Not for anyone who’s contemplating starting a family.
Jon Krakauer
I haven’t read his adventure books, but I found Under the Banner of Heaven an utterly compelling read and very informative about religion in general, and Mormonism in particular.
Daniel Handler
Better known as the famous children’s author Lemony Snicket, Daniel Handler also writes great novels for grown-ups.
Helen Humphreys
Loved her novel Afterimage, about a relationship between a Victorian lady photographer and her maid, inspired by photographs by Julia Margaret Cameron.


Bill Henson
The closest you’ll get to Rembrandt in contemporary photography.
Kristen Ashburn
Kristen is a really gutsy and talented photojournalist.
Marc Asnin
Great editorial photography.
Gillian Laub
Gillian’s book Testimony is a fascinating look at Israelis and Palestinians whose lives have been affected by violence.
Robert Polidori
Polidori specializes in photographing empty rooms that have seen great drama, from Cuba to Chernobyl to New Orleans.
Teun Voeten
Another gutsy photojournalist who’s done great work in Liberia, Sierra Leone and beyond.