sarah coleman

Sarah Coleman grew up in London, England, where she got the chance to ride red double-decker buses and eat such delicious things as Marmite and baked beans on toast. She wrote her first novel, “Minty,” at age nine, then rose to be the editor of her high school magazine, where she distinguished herself by designing a poster campaign that was censored by the headmistress.

After studying English Literature at Cambridge University, Sarah moved to London for an advanced degree in Printmaking at the Slade School of Art. Two degrees not being enough, she came to New York to do a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at Columbia University. Upon marrying Dan and moving to San Francisco in 1996, Sarah decided to combine all of her interests by launching a career in arts and human interest journalism. In eleven years of freelance writing, she’s covered subjects ranging from raunchy British book covers to acapella-singing drag queens to ultra-Orthodox Jewish computer programmers.

Now based in New York City, Sarah writes on photography, film and books for various publications; she’s also working on a novel about the early days of documentary photography. Her blog, The Literate Lens, has attracted a large following. She lives in an increasingly cramped Manhattan apartment with her husband Dan and their two children, Nathan and Zoë, and also escapes regularly to Woodstock, NY.