World Press Review

From April 2002 to April 2004, Sarah worked as Associate Editor at World Press Review, a monthly magazine of international news and culture (circulation: 50,000). World Press Review included articles reprinted from foreign newspapers and original material. The magazine had an extensive network of foreign correspondents and translators. It ceased publication in 2003, but the Web site ( is still active, under the management of former publisher Teri Schure.

While at World Press Review, Sarah’s responsibilities included:
  • Working with senior editors to determine the magazine’s editorial focus each month;
  • Assigning articles to the magazine’s 50 worldwide correspondents and editing their stories;
  • Supervising coverage of sub-Saharan Africa. Writing articles for the Africa State of the Debate section and editing stories written by correspondents in Africa;
  • Writing profiles of international newsmakers;
  • Editing and writing features for the Culture page of the magazine’s acclaimed Web site, (720,000 unique users/ month); assisting Web editor in editing and formatting other online features;
  • Formatting articles for the print magazine; choosing photographs; writing headlines and captions.
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Download profiles of South African AIDS campaigner Zackie Achmat and Arab-Israeli soccer star-turned-politician Rifat Turk here.

Specific skills: Microsoft Word, Photoshop, HTML, extensive Web research, translation from French.


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