Since 2005, Sarah has been the managing editor of VisionAge, a monthly Web publication hosted by Photo District News online. VisionAge focuses on the aesthetics and techniques of contemporary photography.

Each month, VisionAge contains a feature article about a visionary photographer, an article about cutting-edge digital photography techniques, short news pieces and Behind the Shot, in which a photographer describes the aesthetic and technical decisions behind a single image.

As managing editor, Sarah’s duties include:
  • Research, assign and edit articles;
  • Write features and news articles;
  • Research and obtain images;
  • Format text and images for Web publication;
  • Write headlines, decks and photographer biographies.
vision age article on paolo pellegrin

Download an article about visionary photojournalist Paolo Pellegrin.

Programs used: Microsoft Word, Photoshop, HTML, Teamsite Content Management.


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Other Editing Work